Enrichment Programs

SunriseArt Program


SunriseArt is one of many programs the training centers offer for individuals with developmental disabilities. The program is run by a contracted artist that teaches classes at both centers and engages clients in various arts and crafts projects. This creative program allows the clients to express themselves and build sensory skills.

Medical Assistance Program


Provides coordination of medical visits and health screenings, prescription administration as well as first aid and CPR training for staff. A registered nurse and medical tech serve over 140 individuals at two training centers and various group homes.

Intensive Behavioral Program


SunriseArc contracts a team of expert behavior analysts to work with clients in an ongoing basis helping them to improve social skills and modify behaviors.

Recreational Activities


SunriseArc, Inc. understands the importance of leisure time. We offer a variety of programs and projects for the clients to participate in on a daily basis. They have group outings to the movies, local parks, bowling, outdoor sports and many more. These types of activities allow the clients to become more socially involved in the community while remaining in a comfortable environment.