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PSR » The Arc Sunrise of Central Florida
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Connecting the Intellectual, Social and
Functioning Levels of Individuals in their Community.



Who Are We?

The PSR program is the merging of Community Services and expressive education, with the addition of beneficial techniques best suited for the individual.

The Arc Sunrise of Central Florida’s program was initiated in 2015, in order to provide a continuity of care; while ensuring that individuals were receiving the tools to maintain independence in his or her home or community, by receiving services in a least restrictive environment.


Health Service Education
is for Everyone.
Our Mission

To provide community health services to individual personalities in a non-residential setting. Including assessment education that teaches independent living skills, by providing societal and interpersonal activities with a compassionate and organized structure and atmosphere.

Where do I begin?
  • Sit with our instructors
  • Ask questions
  • Fill out your intake packet

Medicaid qualifications
Insurance qualifications
Biopsych outline
Defining your objectives
Meet with the LMHC or Dr. ,
Meet with your teachers
Start your Class

Your Personalized Program.

Once in your program, individuals receive Community Health services, which teach the individual basic living and social skills, coping strategies, and encourage positive interactions with others in addition to counseling and personal care services.

  • Etiquette Managing
  • Social Proficiency
  • Problem Identification and Resolution
  • Effective Communication
  • Moral Reasoning
  • Identity and Emotional Confidence
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Understanding Anxiety
  • Establishing Realistic Life Goals
  • Decision making in the workplace
  • Emotional regulation
  • Assertiveness in the workplace
  • Cultural sensitivity
Examples of Topics:
  • Being helpful and habits
  • Independence
  • Control
  • Communication
  • Self-efficiency
  • Emergencies
  • Rules
  • Health and safety in public settings
  • Negative emotions
  • Positive emotions
  • Leadership
  • Coping skills
  • Workplace concerns
  • Isolation
  • Self-representation
  • Perception

And so much more!!!!

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Dustin G Boyington, M.Ed.
Senior Community Mental
Health Practitioner (SCMHP)
IT Support/Privacy Officer
(352) 787-3079 Ext. 303